Thursday, March 26, 2009

~what would u do??~

what would u do if every time u feel in love u had to say good-bye?
what would u do if ur best friend died tomorrow & u never got to tell them how u felt?
what would u do if every time u wanted someone they would never be there?
what would u do if u loved someone more than ever & u couldnt have them?
what would u do if u never got the chance to say i am friends with all of my family & they know i love them?
if u died tomorrow,(God forbid), u would be in my heart. would i be in yours???
i look up 2 u, respect u,truly cherish u, most of all i care about friends.let old friends know u haven't forgotten them, & tell new friends u never will.
so, i just wanted to say,even if i never talk to u again in my life, u are special to me & u have made a difference in my life.
~amacam what would u do if this happen 2 u??~
between living well or living hell, we've made our choices & we've made it through!!
no matter how hard how bad,its not the end of the world...YET

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~xtaw nk post pe??

ok dh lme ak x mencoret kn kata2 d blog ku ini..
tp pe yg perlu ko coret kan..hailaaa
sume duk post psal tournament bowling yg team ak mng,tp ak x sempat pn nk post(xsempat ke mls??)..
n dorg pn duk post psl dinner quest yg trbaru ni,tp ak still xsempat nk post..nape ek??
aiyoo sndri tyne,sndiri jwb lor..
xpe mybe ak xde idea yg btol2 yg perlu ak coret kn..tggu mse yg sesuai,idea yg baek punyer bru ak post.ngehaha
tp ble??ntah tggu je lah..